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The EHR Best Practices Community is a free platform for health and human service organization executives and technology subject matter experts to share best practices on selecting, implementing, and optimizing the performance of their electronic health record (EHR) technology. The community is focused on how to leverage EHR investments for better consumer outcomes, better organizational performance, and competitive advantage.

Sign up for your free account and gain access to all of our resources, articles, and informational webinars. Ken Carr is the executive editor of the EHR Best Practices Community and will bring new perspectives and content each month focused on how to use EHR technology for success in a turbulent market. Joining Mr. Carr in the best practice discussions is the EHR Best Practices Community advisory board – a national group of thoughtleaders (see HERE for members) who participate in case studies, best practice discussions, thoughtleader interview articles, and webinars.

The EHR Best Practices Community is sponsored by Credible Behavioral Health Software and is part of the network of OPEN MINDS Online Communities.
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