Event 02/16/2021

Preparing For The Unknown: The EHR Functionality To Survive During & After A Pandemic Results Of The 2020 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created substantial change across the entire health and human services industry. As thousands of Americans fell ill, provider organizations were challenged to shift to virtual/remote work and care delivery almost overnight. This required provider organizations to change what was previously considered necessary functionality and focus on a new set of key functionality to survive.

We can see this shift in functionalities in the results of the 2020 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey. Along with understanding changes in purchasing and implementation behavior and the focus on the Core 4 functionalities, we see a need for mobile, cloud-based storage, data mining/business intelligence, social determinants of health data collection and reporting, IT security services, and telehealth functionality. By implementing these functionalities, provider organizations increased their probability of not only surviving the global pandemic, but thrive as the pandemic slows and eventually ends.


Join Joe Naughton-Travers, Senior Associate at OPEN MINDS, on February 16 to hear:

  • Findings of the 2020 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey
  • Strategic market trends related to EHR functionality and implementation
  • The importance of investing in EHR functionality to increase their competitive edge

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Joseph P. Naughton-Travers, Ed.M.
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