Technology – How Much Is Enough? An Executive Discussion Group

This presentation was delivered by Joseph P. Naughton-Travers, EdM, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS, on February 14, 2020 at The 2020 OPEN MINDS Performance Management Institute. In the presentation, Mr. Naughton-Travers facilitated a discussion on managing technology, including the framework for […]

4 Tech Competencies For Sustaining Financial Success

This month, we’re discussing market survival, industry change, and above all else, financial sustainability. Technology has a role to play in ensuring an organization’s sustainability (see How Do You Compare On Tech Spending & Adoption?). While some question whether there […]

Riding The Technology Wave: Be Better, Not Obsolete

Don’t be a Luddite (and in case you forgot what that means, it’s a person opposed to new technology). Emerging technologies have the potential to make traditional service provider organizations less competitive – and less sustainable. From a strategy perspective, […]

No Common Language = No Data Sharing

After attending the session, Population Health Management For The Complex Consumer Market: How To Utilize Data To Coordinate Services Across The Care Continuum at the 2020 OPEN MINDS Performance Management Institute, I was reminded of the Biblical story of the […]