HIE 3.0?

Less than half of specialty provider organizations have health information exchange (HIE) capabilities and less than a third use clinical decision support tools or population health management tools (see IT Spending Follows The Money). Those low adoption numbers give me […]

Integration, Interoperability & Consumer Engagement

Any discussion in health and human services involves lots of talk about integrated systems and “interoperability”—see What’s In A Name and The Future Of EHR-Collaborate, Connect, Communicate. But the key strategic issue for specialist organizations is that to participate in […]

Tech Management As Executive Competency

Technology is now critical to the strategy of health and human service organizations—both managing the analytics derived from tech-enabled systems and embedding technology in the service delivery process. Because it is critical to strategy, it is also a critical executive […]

What Executives Need To Know About EHR/Tech Management

This session, sponsored by Credible Behavioral Health Software and given by Gary Minnier, MHA, Senior Manager of Partner Experience and Innovation, was presented at The 2018 OPEN MINDS Management Best Practices Institute. The session explored how provider organizations can find their place in […]

Can Success With Value-Based Reimbursement Happen Without Analytics?

Download Resource Can success with value-based reimbursement happen without analytics? You may think this is a rhetorical question, but no. I’m concerned that many provider organization executive teams are not making investments to improve their analytics and metrics-based management capabilities. […]