Investing In Your EHR Technology For Future Success — Results Of The 2018 Behavioral Health EHR Survey (Executive Web Briefing)

OPEN MINDS Senior Associate, Joseph P. Naughton-Travers, Ed.M. and Credible Behavioral Health Software Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Matthew M. Dorman will present this exciting executive web briefing featuring the 2018 Behavioral Health EHR Survey results and insights into the functionality to consider for future success. Our speakers will discuss the importance of investing in technology in this value-based environment, and how expanding or augmenting current technology systems can increase competitive advantage.

Using Your EHR Workflows To Drive Efficient Business Practices

Electronic health record (EHR) workflows are necessary to ensure that consistent quality and operational outcomes are achieved. They identify essential tasks, assign role responsibilities, enhance organizational communication, and encourage consistent achievement. Organizational business practices establish a baseline for how current […]