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The EHR Best Practices Community is a free online community and resource center that provides health and human service executives with the information and insights needed to maximize the impact of their EHR functionality on organizational strategic positioning and performance.

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Show Me The Value, Show Me The Money

Hello from day two of The 2020 OPEN MINDS Strategy & Innovation Institute. This year, what has been top of mind for many executives attending the Institute is how to adapt your strategy in the current crisis—and how to use […]

Driving Without A Dashboard? You’ll Be Running On Empty Soon

Most of us think we have a relatively healthy lifestyle—until we start looking at the metrics. And health apps make that easier (unfortunately). How many calories are in that Pad Thai I want to eat? How many steps did I […]

Telehealth: The Devil Is In The Details

Many of us have found ways to cope with social distancing. The OPEN MINDS team had our first virtual happy hour yesterday and it was great fun to see everyone that we haven’t seen for four weeks on screen—with their […]

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